Boxes & Moving Home

How to Look After Fragile Items When Boxing & Moving Home

When we move, it’s important that we are able to care of all our belongings. However, there are some items that need more care than others. Especially, when it comes to moving properties. Regardless of whether you’re moving home, or changing business premises, it is likely that you will have a selection of items that can’t be replaced or are expensive. As such, you need to ensure that you use the right kind of materials when packing. Simply making do could end up costing you more in the long run.

Packing Fragile Items

When packing items such as glass, many may rely on newspapers. However, there can be some paper that can be abrasive when pressed against glassware, so we really should seek out a solution that is designed for the task at hand. There are a few options available to you, depending on the item and your budget.

Packing Paper: While many may assume that there is little difference between newspaper and packing paper, it should be noted that packing paper is designed exclusively or those moving home. As such, any glassware isn’t going to be scratched by any rogue fibres.

Tissue Paper: Tarnishing our glassware is a constant worry when moving, especially if it is expensive. Using materials not designed for moving can often result in glassware becoming tarnished and scratched. In this regard, you should look to use tissue paper that is designed to protect glassware and other delicate items.

Jet Paper: For those who looking for the extra peace-of-mind when it comes to packing their goods, and jet paper is able to put their mind at rest, as it is made from kraft and corrugated paper. This ensures that another level of protection is added.

Use the Right Boxes

While we can ensure that we’re using the right kind of packaging material, fragile items can still suffer if we use the wrong kind of boxes. Although it may be tempting to use old cardboard boxes, they may be worn and distressed, which means our delicate items could fall out of the bottom. As such, it can be a good idea to use official moving boxes.

If you’re packing a series of delicate items in a box, and they are still able to move about, then you may also want to consider using some loose fill. This will ensure that even if the items move round while in transit, you’re unlikely to have any breakages because of the precautions taken already.

Many will associate moving with stress, and while everything is rarely straightforward, the moving process itself can be made less stressful by ensuring out packing regime is up to speed. While you may assume reusing old paper boxes and making do with newspaper is cost-effective, it does mean an element of risk when it comes to safeguarding them.